Custom Subwoofer Build

Over the summer of 2021 I was given some broken speakers for free. Rather than scrapping everything, I decided to reuse the housing of one of the speakers to make a custom subwoofer.

The Project featured the housing from the speaker on the left, and the subwoofer seen in the image on the right.

After the Subwoofer and amplifier were fitted to the housing, the wires were all run through the speaker box to keep the cabling organized and clean.

Individually addressable LEDS were attached to the back of the housing and controlled with an arduino nano.

After all of the LED strips were soldered together in series, code was uploaded to the arduino in order to control light patterns. Later, a microphone module was attached in the port hole to allow the LEDs to be "music reactive".

Music is controlled via 3.5mm auxiliary input or bluetooth.