As part of a research team at RPI, I am helping develop a presentation and engaging activity for high school students to culminate a three week educational series teaching concepts in IoT ( Internet of Things ).


I ended up presenting the IoT program to a group of high school seniors along with three other Engineering Ambassadors through an advanced placement program at RPI. These kids were super talented and picked up on the material quickly, allowing us to perform experiments on bluetooth interference and create cool signal patterns from code they wrote on their own. The reviews submitted by these students were very positive and I'm thrilled to have gotten to expose them to some new electronic components and hopefully spark some passion for computer engineering through these cool activities.


Experiments developed for this presentation will utilize two HC-05 bluetooth modules and two arduino UNOs. The setup of two modules can be seen in the image to the left.

The first code I wrote for this experiment blinks a series of red and green LEDs in a line. The goal of my presentation will be to explain different forms of interference to the students; so having a simple, clear operation goal of the program and creating something that updates frequently will be the best to show interference.